Fashion and fetish

Having been a big fan of latex for some years now, it's nice that it's easy to shop for it and buy now... But..

Fetish look have been all over the catwalks for some time now.. I like some of it but some are just abit to odd for me ..(pics)

(the odd)



Alot of dark make up that is very goth and alot of latex/rubber.

Some of the looks are abit too 'out' there for me! I won't be having my boobs out or wearing a latex mask! 

I have seen some looks that I think are nice and I think I could wear - but would mix it up abit ...

I love that cosets have been seen and it's 'in' to wear one with a long skirt for that 50s pin up girl look that I love, love that its all about not being a size 6 - but have a bum and boobs and that it looks better if you!

With mylove for dressing up, I have giving the Latex a go and I have a black dress by Skin Two at that is well made and not all that much money like alot of shops! 

I also have some bras by them that I added some studs too that made it look nicer:)

                                                      (In the latex dress by Skin Two)

So tell me .. will you be giving latex a go ... Or is this look too out there fot you? 

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Elleydoll xx





  1. To simply get past the typical stalkerish type remarks, and say it... I don't usually comment, and especially to people I don't know, but... In case no one has told ya lately... You're a pretty sweet sight for sore eyes. Hard not to keep ones mind from wondering. To put it nicely. Lol. Beautifully sexy. ;) So, as nice as it would be to see the latex gone¿ Yeah. I'd say it's a go. Just sayin.


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