New lolita skirt

New Lolita skirt
I got my new lolita skirt in the post that I won off ebay for just £8!
She wanted £10.. But I sent her a nice message asking if she would take £8... And she did!
When i saw it on there - I had to have it!
I love the lolita look, and Don't have a lot of things to wear for the lolita meet's that I enjoy going too..
So been looking on eBay and other shop's that sell what I want.. 
I don't have a lot of money and don't want to spend more then I have on just one thing.. 
So ... Having .. How ever much in mind for a iten... and I won't go over that.. 
Somethings on eBay can go for a lot more then when they are new in the shop's or on line shop's.. 
I'm alway's very careful in what I buy...
The skirt has been very well made by hand - I don't know who by? ( would like to know)
It has fair-ground horses on it that are blue - with a elasticated waist that make's it easy to put on
and take off - Also this is good as will be putting a under skirt on with it for the big skirt look 
that is very lolita :)
I do love it! I like that it's not short like some of the lolita skirts can be...
I don't want the world so see my bum! lol
##Me with the new lolita skirt on on the pic### Black velvet top vintage###

I need to buy a white or light pink shirt for it and other things that I hope to buy...
I love to dress up and the Japanese know how to have fun with their look, 
with colour hair.. Make up.. Platform shoes and boots..
I wish that I could go out and not care what the world thinks of my look...
But I have to think abit like that as of work.. Getting a job.. But how much fun would it be to just be that free? ... 
and have green hair or blue?... wear platforms for ... just coz I wanted too.. 

Elleydoll xxxx


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