I love New Rock's!

New Rock Lover

I have been a fan of New Rock boots from the age of 14 - From the day I 1th saw them in a shop in my Town called Scorpio - They sell lots of shoes and boots that are kind of goth or 'out there' 

I would go in and try on all the pretty goth boots that I did not have the money for :( New Rock's,
They were very much the 'in' goth boots that all the goth kids had,  and all I had was some £5 boots that were not cool but being poor and not having £90 for the cool boots - they had to do the job! 
At 18 when I went 'full' on goth,  I dyed my hair from dark blonde to a black,  being as light as I'am...
it fitted the goth look very well... And also my then boyfriend was goth and older and I wanted to look much cooler for him then this 5f1 blonde girl that was seen as a kid by everyone!
He had some New Rocks that I loved and wish I could have the money for some as well...
But having just moved out of my Mums - bills and clubbing - no money for them....

 And when I did have the money... I went and goth some goth things like corsets, pvc skirts and so on....
I ended up saving up and getting some New Rock from Ebay for about £50  and I loved them... 
I never took them off! 
They went with everything and were good in the snow and other cold days,
good for my night out to goth clubs and gigs!

Today - 10years later....

Still loveing them.. and I have about 7 of there boots - some with heels,
some that they don't make anymore, but all well loved and taking care of,
New Rocks are getting more well know out side the goth world,
Taylor Monsen from the Pretty Reckless has been seen in some of their platforms...

She has said of her love for them!
They fit in well with her goth look, I'm a very big fun of her look,
I know that she is not everyone's cup of tea but I like that she is being her self and not caring what people think of her wearing her underwear as out wear - Goths have been doing that for years!

I have won some New Ones and Ebay that they don't make anymore
When they were for sale they were £150+ ... I won them for just £38!
Am very happy about that, been wanting them for about 5 years and now they are mine!
Been off work ill this week so been shopping more on line...

Saw some other one's on Ebay that never knew that had made... And had to have them :)

Not got them as yet but love them!

Will post pics on my Facebook when have them!
@ https://www.facebook.com/Elleydoll

Hope everyone is good!

Elleydoll xxx


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