New Creepers!

My shopping week...

As you all know that I love to shop! 
Been on line and out to the shops
when I find the time! 

My big love are shoes and boots
I love that they can make you feel, 
And how they make a outfit work with the right 

I was in TK Maxx last week, 
And was very happy to see more 'out' there makes
of shoes - like Iron Fist footwear, TUK...Abbey Dawn ..
And alot of other ones!
 As we all know shoes can be soo much and with the 
way money is for alot of us (Me too)
Its nice to get shoes that you love for less.. 

I saw some shoes that have been
wanting for about a year or so but at over £75
They were far too much fot poor me :(
So what did I do...
give it some time.. let the sales come but still they
were like £60!
 The shoes I wanted were by TUK
I was in TK Maxx then saw them! 
And try had my size! 

Creepers by TUK 

                                                                         Creepers TUK

Been looking at creepers in alot of over shoes like New Look.. But never looked how they were made - Not as well made as they are by TUK or have alot of the colours like they have!

So happy that I give it time, and got them for just £25! :) :)

I know that they are not ''in'' anymore or what ever that is?
 I will still wear them as love them and don't care how cool I'am or
what other's are wearing...

But then the thing with fashion today is that 
its very rock/goth and people don't care anymore, 
and I like that a lot

Elleydoll xxxx


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