Halloween 2013

Hay time to Zombie Halloween UP

I love to dress up  for things
Last year I went to a zombie walk in the city that I live in, 
A friend of mine runs it, and its always soo much fun,
seeing what other people are wearing and how much fake blood is used!

I went along as a bride....
The  day before the walk I had no idea to get a wedding dress and cut it up...
So then went shopping... 
I went to like 10 charity shop looking for one.. 
By the time I got to like shop 10, 
My friend and I were sick of looking in shops that
did not have in :(

Shop 10 ... I asked the girl who worked in the last shop if they had any...
And by luck... They did!! 
She let me pop upstairs to see what they had..
And saw a very long 80s or 90s?
Wedding dress that was like new and was in my size...

She Was soo nice in letting me have it for £20 and came with a veil!
So then on the zombie day I cut the bottom off as was too long and wanted it look a mess...
Then put 80s make up on then the fake blood!
Was a lot of fun! 

On the way to the walk, My friends and I... 
Got a LOT of odd looks... :)
We just enjoyed it more, being that done up!

Ever year the walk is getting busy, more and more people going - 
from young to old!
And always people wanting pics! ... So you don't have to bring a cam! 


So this Halloween, I won't be going on a walk,
Just going zombie clubbing to a rock night with friends,
So will post pics sun or mon, when I have the time..

Happy Halloween all the zombies out there! 

Elleydoll xxx



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