Platform mad

Ok.. I'm platform mad.
I have lots of shoes and boots that have heels then a big platform on... I have been mad on them from being like 10 years old... When I first saw the Spice Girl's on tv...With there colour- Not a lot to their outfits then their big platform shoes/boots...
The lot.... I had would beg my mum to let me have some shoes like them.. But they said I was far too young and they would hurt my feet... 
 I would look at the shoes in a shop in my town and wish I could buy some... When I had saved up.. they no longer had them in:(

When I was 19 ish.. I did find a shop in my town that did sell all the platform's, Then I feel in love with, And saved up for like 8weeks for a pair of black platforms with a skull on by TUK
 I loved them soo much and never had them off my feet! In the end the heel fell off when was out with friends in a rock club (very rock&roll lol)
Today I have more shoes by TUK and they just keep  bringing out more shoes that I have to have, 
Now I have about 5 of their shoes

I love that the 90s are back in, In a very big way, 
With the pink hair, shoes/boots
Its more in to be your self then over before!
Love that the shops are selling PVC/velvet/Tarten
All the things that I loved back then,
Are back and better made,
Also - I don't have my mum to say no to me about the size of the platforms!
I love boots with platforms on, 
Was very bad  and got some from Asos in their sale with a very good saving! 

The boots are YRU Black Bloq Hi Boots, 
I did not know alot about this make, 
So went on YouTube and they are well liked and well made!
They'll fit right in with my style,
 and the platform adds to them!
I just had to have them,
 And for what was payed
I did well! :)
I'll pose pics when I get them!

Elleydoll xx


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