Lolita Meet

I went to a meet the other day in Newcastle, 
At a very nice tea shop - they sell lots of green teas and other herbal teas that range from around £2.80 - £5... They sell home made cake that is always nice!
I had a cake that was made from kiwi-fruit, 
It was one of the best cakes I have ever had! 
MMM Tea! Yellow! 

As with every meet I go too... 
Before... I had NO idea what to wear... 
Tryed on like 5 things... My bedroom then ended up a mess!
In the end, I put on a new jumper from Aoso.com
that was white with a black collar..
With a Punk Rave Skirt that is all black with white bits on,  white tights from Asos and  black socks from Primark, 
White platform shoes from Japan

I love the shoes, they are so easy to walk but what under the buckle that is a press-stud that kept coming undone, so had to keep stopping on my way to the tea shop and them on way to my car :(
Was not all that happy with that!
 As I love them.. I'm going take the studs out and add some ribbon to them and tie them around my ankles to make them nicer to wear, and to make them stop on my feet!

The meet it self was nice, 
We chatted about Japan, 
Shopping,  what we like and disliked..
TV... Cats.. Shoes...
All the girl/cute things. 
Met a new girl who was nice, we had a lot in common,   we had a nice chat! I hope to be friends with her!

I enjoyed it alot,



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