The Fiend

The Fiend Punk 

 I went to see a punk band with one of my best friends last week - He is a fan of the music.. So I went along to see a Punk band play a gig at a pub in Newcastle.. It was full of older and younger punks... I enjoyed all the punk outfits, Lots of Dr Martends... Denim with studs and and lots of spikes, Blue hair and other cool colours... And  mohcan's...

The Band were very loud - The songs about politic's... Hating Thatcher ( I did not agree with this) 

 I got chatting to the lead singer and he was very nice and give me a hug... They are from just outside Newcastle and are very much older punk, Nice to know that its not dead!


All in all, Being a girl more in to Rock, Enjoyed it more then I expected!


On the Night, I put on my New Rock boots that I love soo much and go with alot of things!

Top in pic from H&M

Red Shorts from Primark.

Boots by New Rock.


Elleydoll xx



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