Seeing Red

Seeing Red
Red hair has been all over the cat walks for 
the summer that is not all that long away!
I love summer soo much!
Summer shoes, summer cute
Back to the red hair...
The red look has been seen on 
lots of well known people..
From Emma Stone to Rihanna...
From a light red to pop red.. to dark red..
I'm loving the Amber red that have been see all over the catwalks... But also loved Emma Stone as a red head, the red made her eyes pop!
 Emma Stone

Catwalk #Model#RedHair#
Been looking on YouTube to see what
other girls use to get this look..  And how easy it is...
what the best dyes are..
lot are using L'Oreal Feria -
They have a good range of reds, From light to hot chilli red...
Some other girls 
have said how good the Garnier Nutrisse Creme dye is..
 They say the oil is good on the hair...
To Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice&easy.
I have used Perfect 10 in the past and has always been happy with how well this dye has came out,
And just takes 10mins!
So went and got Light Auburn6R..
Not used it as yet... 
But when I do I'll be telling you all 
about it... 
So if your seeing red..
Good look and tell me what you used!
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Elleydoll xx


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