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TV/Film and Fashion

I was asked where my inspiration for fashion has come from.. Here are some that have helped and have stood the test of time! ...


Over the years I have taking a lot of inspiration from TV and films... When I was 16 or 17 I was so in love with the film Clueless... I saw it on TV about 5years after it came out.


Clueless, Dee and Cher. So 90s.  

loved the over the knee socks and cute skirts and cuter shoes that, with lots of tartan and some PVC from Dee - I loved her red PVC skirt with the blue top, Sexy and sweet. :)

(18years later am still a bit obsessed with this film)

At  time, I gothed up the look with a lots of the look of the film The Craft and all the dark make up and all the gothic jewellery

The Craft

I loved Nancy and that she was a bit crazy and this came out in her look and she was not afraid to express her self in her look,  Make up and all! Go Nancy!

 Nancy from the Craft.

The next big fashion fix came from TV

and was Sex and the City... Everyone has a character that they are more like, that could be the sexed up and free Sam or the very sweet and cute Charlotte.. Or the very fashion conscious Carry to the very strong Miranda.... 

The ep that made me so in love with this show was the ep when Carry had her new shoes stolen.. To Carry, She had no hubby or baby and to her, Fashion was all that, in a shoe box and more :) 


Sex the City (TV Show)

Then came the films... I loved the Viv Westwood wedding dress that Carry had in the first film.

 Sex and the City (film)

Then we move on to my next fashion fix in the form of Gossip Girl... I was a very big Jenny fan when her look came out more from season two..  she was sweet in season one..Then she went more goth with very long blonde hair and dark eye make up, I loved blair when she referred to her as 'gothic Barbie' And she soo was, and I loved her for being her self,  and for a lot of young girls, that is a very important message to send out! Woohoo Little J! :) ...

Gossip Girl (Jenny)

I also became in love with the look of blair and her love of colour, the hats, red lips and every thing always looked soo perfect on her... She was very 'New York' and loved fashion and this came out in what she would wear -

from how she was feeling.. Alway there to be seen in her outfits, shoes.. The lot! And made head bands cool! - She become known as Queen B and she was! :)


Gossip girl (blair)

At the mo, I'm not all that obsessed with any fashion on TV or in any films... But there is always some eye candy on TV... and when I see something I love, Will blog... 

I get a lot from looking on line at other blogs To looking in mags, My top ones to buy are Glamour and Company.

Company is very much all about fashion, shopping and make up, They are very good for the high street shopping as well as more 'out there' shops! :) 

Elleydoll xx




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