La'Riche Directions Hair Dye

Pink I have missed you!
About 3-4 weeks ago I dyed my hair a dark purple with a live xxl dye, I liked it at the time but over the weeks the dye washed out and I ended up hating it, 
So I lightened it using live xxl absolut platinum 00A, My hair likes this dye and its very good at taking it lighter, 
My hair ended up a yellow colour, 
 But that is a good base colour for 'wash out' dyes

I then mixed Carnation pink and violet with a white conditioner
 (I like to use Alberto Balsam coconut and lychee) I put this all over my hair, 
and left it on for 45mins, then washed it out, 
Then I dyed under my new fringe that I cut in my self, Not the best but I like that!
Then put some turquoise that I also mixed with a bit of conditioner, It come out nice but the pink has needed one more dye on bits that were missed, 
I'm happy to have it back to this colour!

I love that direction wash out in weeks,  and have lots of colours to try! 
I'm thinking of lavender next when this is washed out!
as its just £3.40 a pot!  

Tell me if your trying any cool colours and how it worked it!

Elleydoll xx


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