Bodyline Blue Dress

Bodyline Blue dress

Today the sun was back out woohoo!
so I wanted to put my favourite dress on .. 
The dress is so comfortable to wear,
I love the light blue and the pattern is fun!

Here are some pictures that my boyfriend took.. 
Bless he is not the best.. But good that he tries! 

Me with my cat Jazzy, Headband from, Dress from Bodyline L400sax.  Top from H&M.

With my other cat Shinobi.

Better look at the headband from,  Necklace from Asda (kids)


Elleydoll xx


  1. ooooh ;D that dress is stunning *O* and you look so adorable and your cat too of course *W*

    1. Thanks, I love that Bodyline sell clothing that can be worn in lolita or just for every day use. :) :)


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