It continues...

It continues....

About a week ago, I talked about bullying on my blog about 'Behind the Bows'
and did post screen shots of the pics that were on there... 

I wanted other girls who are into lolita fashion to be aware of this issue that is a very big and upsetting problem in the lolita community, 
in the UK and everywhere else, 

I myself love lolita fashion, 
but would not call myself a 'lolita' or have ever called my self one.
I just like to wear what I want,
 and wear it the way I want,  
but some people love to have a say and pick at you, in a very nasty way on 'Bows' 
and it all done 'anoymously' 

  So as I called them out on this, 

This week I'm back on,
Here they are, 

Be more obvious?

I don't get this at all... 


I'll deal with the points raised above in turn.
1.  I didn't post to antagonise anyone
2,  I didn't ask anyone to remove the post
3.  What core guidelines?
4.  Is there a defined aesthetic?  Last time I checked, there were over a dozen styles in Lolita, from sweet, through punk to pirate!!
5,  I have done some research, which is why I know that there aren't any hard and fast rules.
6.  Why shouldn't my blog include links to the associated Facebook and Twitter pages?
7.  You think I'm a chicken?  Why did you post this anonymously?

No one ever asks to be bullied.

There have been people that are standing up for me, and others who claim that this is me posting.  I don't post to behind the bows, I don't have a livejournal account so I never comment.

I have noticed that some commenter's on BTB have started making things very personal and going as far as to use real names.  They should be very careful about doing this as law enforcement do have the ways and means to track these people down if a complaint is made to them.  Foolish.

At the other end of the bully's screen, is a real person who feels.  I've known people who, in response to the torrent of online abuse they get for no apparent reason, completely abandon their online lives just to get some peace.  As a result they lose contact with friends they've made online, communities they loved being a part of.  This should be unacceptable even at school age, but for adults to carry on in this manner is simply stupid.
I can only assume that the original posters have issues of their own, perhaps low self esteem, no self-confidence or simply they feel lonely in the real world and have to lash out online where they feel 'safe'.

Anyway, I did receive some messages on facebook from other girls in the lolita community thanking me for writing about this.  To them I say a big thank you and send hugs.

I'll end this by simply saying keep being yourself and be happy in yourself :)

Elley xx


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