My sunday Outfit

My Sunday outfit

Today I went shopping with my boyfriend for a outfit for next weekend, I'm going to a christening, I wanted something nice but smart -  I went to TK Maxx as they sell alot of items that should cost more! I ended up buying a dark purple shirt by Ralph Lauren in the sale for just £25! I also got a black dress for just £8! as well as a blue/sky shirt that I can wear with lolita or anything else. 

Today I wented to wear something pretty as had the day off (have been doing ALOT of ever time) I ended up wearing my skirt from Bodyline L482 in purple as well as Boyline shoes(Not on anymore) that went nice with some of the pink in the skirt, As well as a light blue jumper I got last year from H&M for about £15? As well as wight tights from Asos for about £5 

Hope your weekend was nice?

Elley xx


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