Hello All

Hi all!
Not been blogging much over the past couple of weeks,
Been away looking for a new job and now I have one! Woohoo!
What else have I been up too -
Had time off from work, so been seeing friends,
Had one or two nights out (lots of nice cocktails)
and lots of friends birthdays... With one very fun night out, On that night out, we went to a new rock night, in Newcastle called Grindhouse -
 They play lots of old rock music from the 80s and 90s,  with added ACDC, Rammstein and lots of other bands :)
Me, Enjoying a cosmo, mmmmm
the rock night is still new to Newcastle, but its getting more well know,  they have dancers of all shapes, from a size 6- 18! 
Its nice that they show that being sexy is not about the size you are, you can be sexy at any size - Just look at Tess Holliday, she is rocking every cat walk and adds that she is on! - Go her!
Tess Holliday Rocking the pool wear!
I like that at the mo, we are seeing more real models in adds, TV, and in fashion mags,
Like a lot of women out there, I worry about how my body looks, am I too fat?
Some times mags show you so much 'perfect'
looking models that make you look at your self that bit too closer, that you can just forgot that the people who love you, love you for who you are, not because your that perfect looking model, who I bet has been photoshoped -
I'm a size 10 - 12, I know that I'm not perfect but I like that about my self, I like that I'm just 5f1 with little feet,  it makes me who I am and I'm happy in my own skin, I go shopping with no make up on,
Me, No make up :)
I don't worry anymore about that 'perfect' body,
I like having a bum, tummy and boobs, I'm a women and that's what we all have,
Tess makes me feel good about not being anything else but your self, and I love her for that!
Thanks Tess! Keep up the good work!
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Elley xx


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