My top 5 online shop's

I love shopping, I love having a new outfit to go out in, but I love when there is a sale on, and ya can get new shoes or a bag too....
Here is where I love to shop online and why my top 5!
1- eBay.  I like that a lot of well known shops, like Littlewoods - Office Shoes have a outlet on here,  clothing and shoes with up to 80% off! I love that you can find anything, from vintage to that sell out dress from Primark on here! I also love how easy it is to sell your old loved shoes and clothing = More money to buy that dress you have been wanting!

2- Everything£ Yes, everything on here is just £5! they get clothing and shoes from lots of shops, from Asks to Primark, but they don't put the name on the site, its just luck! They get things in every day, I got a lovely black dress that is lovely to wear out for clubbing. it fits me very well!

3-Asos Asos are very good for high end to low end fashion, they have lots of big well known names on, from Dr Marten,  Viv Westwood to BooHoo! its ver…


Hi all, Not been on all that much to blog and talk about life, my life. Well 2017 has not been easy for me,  my boyfriend lost his job,  he did not work for about 10 or so weeks - But he now had a new job that is about 1 hour away, I feel happy to now, Not have to worry about paying bills, and buying food. Things have not been easy but on a happier note, we are getting wed next summer! now the real planning and saving can begin, everything is so much money, I just want family there at the wedding its self, then have a big party at night, so all my his and my friends can come along to have fun.
Other things I have been doing, working lots, but took time off from it, was working very long days.
Have also been having a big clear out of clothing,  took 5 black bin bags to the RSPCA shop. As well as selling clothing and shoes on eBay -

To save for the wedding. Have had some good nights out with friends and been shopping as always wi…

life life life

Hi all, 
Not been on my blog that much,
Not been the best year for me,
I have been ill with something,  Had tests and been in hospital,
They are still working out what's up,  But any way - I'm feeling better now, 
College ended but will be back in the new year to do more fashion or art, or maybe both?  I'll see what I feel like doing when I'm ready to go back...

Other things in my life - I dyed my hair pink, purple and blue, and cut my hair off! - Here are some pics of the colours

And Now back to having dark hair -

And been keeping up with my fashion -

I have been doing a lot of shopping on line,
Loving - They sell some lovely clothing, Got some tops and dresses, I love a good dress that is easy to dress up or down,
As well as shopping on everything£ - They sell clothing from a lot of shops, from asos to primark, on the shop you don't know where the clothing is from till you get it, but I think that's part the fun! - I got a lovely gold dress on the…

Instagram fun

Just before Xmas I wanted to post more on instagram, So been taking more pics and posting them on there, pics of my everyday life, I have posted pics of my cats, nail art, fashion, and shoes.  I post things I like. I have also been enjoying following other people, who post lots of Lolita fashion,  as well as people who post goth fashion, cool hair colours, and food. Its nice to also follow friends. Follow at 

Happy Xmas All!

HappyXmas All Hi all, Sorry not been on my blog much over the past weeks, I have been busy with college - I'm doing a fashion course, The course is for beginners in sewing,  patterns and a little bit of design, I'm enjoying it a lot, but there has been a lot of work to do! By the end of the course, I should of made a skirt! I'm hoping to do a degree in the up coming year, I have realised how much passion I have for art and fashion, I would love my own line of clothing and shoes one day, I know how much work goes into designing and making clothing, Its not as easy as people think. I have also been busy with work, that is going well. Trying to think what else I have been up too... Went out last week with one of my best friends - Was his birthday, We went to a rock night called Grindhouse, its a good night, they play a lot of Rammstein, ACDC and other old music, A lot of my friends go, its only on one night a month. I also went to see the new Star Wars film, I'm not going say wh…

Teesside Unleashed Six Comic Con

Teesside Unleashed Today I went to a con in Teesside with my boyfriend, the con was just a small event in a hotel,  there were only 500 tickets to hand out, but was still very busy! full of cosplayers in amazing costumes, from Star Wars to Skyrim (Game) The con had lots of stalls that were selling old games from the 90s,  Brought memories back of when I was a kid and used to play Sonic. as well as vintage games, toys, pictures and lots more cool things  I took pictures...

I went in Lolita, My Rose dress, blouse and shoes are from Bodyline, Tights are from Primark, headband from Asos.
I sew Virginia Hey again, She had remembered me from the Newcastle Con 2years ago, She was lovely and happy to chat as always, We had a nice catch-up about how we both have been. she had some of the soap she makes to sell, I bought Pam Rose from Star Wars was also there, Only had a little chat with her,  she was very easy to talk to,  As well as Brian Wheeler, He was very easy going and happy to chat about his ti…

Kawaii.I Update show, Around the world

Kawaii.I Update Show Last year I was on a episode of Kawaii International with some friends that also like Japanese fashion, We all like Lolita, We enjoy going for tea and cake, then chatting about new clothing we have, things we have seen online, in magazines and other places. We were on ep #24, a part of the ep called  ''around the world'' the show likes to visit different country's.  this ep was all about having having body confidence in wearing clothing that you want to wear, from Lolita to girly fashion. Was nice to see them do a update on past episodes, My friend Lou was back on, talking about the clothing libel that she is setting up, She has always loved making her own clothing and putting her own unique stamp to clothing - I wish her all the luck in the world! Here is a link to her blog Elley xx