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New Lolita Skirts- Thanks eBay!

New skirts:)  My new Lolita skirts came today in the post! – I have a petticoat at last to put under shirts and my Hell Bunny dress at last! – Its black with bows on, Very nice fit as well – Then the other skirts, One is pink, but a light pink with white lace at the hem, with Cinderella Print on it, so nice, it’s a one off – was hand made by some on eBay and got it for just £4.20+pp! Would of payed more!
Then the next new skirt that I also won off eBay is black with fairground pony print that is blue and has lace at the hem as well won it for £8+pp – Looks like it could be bodyline but it’s not... It’s a one off as well – Both hand made,
I like knowing that there are not like 100 girls with the same skirts on as well,
So if wear them, am the only one with them!
Have put them in the wash and will post pics of them on so you can see them!
I Don’t know what top to put on with them yet..
I need a shirt or something to go with everything..
I’ll keep looking for one,
And hope I …
I did a lolita meet about two weeks ago now or something in the City that I live in, it was a hit :)  There was 7 of us by the end of it,  We met at a tea shop that I know well,  I'm in alot, so know the nice man who runs it, He is from Japan and knows everything about tea, if you have a bad head or are feeling low.. or just about shit, Then he is the man to ask what tea will help - And is always right!  The last time I was in (on the Lolita meet day) I had a purple tea that helps hair get longer and helps keep eyes nice or something... :) Was a nice tea, Got it coz of a lady said that it was nice and she was nice much right about it, She had a nice cute baby boy who was just 13weeks old.. He was called Leo and was big for his age, She said that his Dad was over 6f tall.. So he will be the same, She bets when he is older  I think he enjoyed his 1st Lolita meet with us :) Some of the girls that came looked so nice, Zoe (girl in pic with dark hair) Was wearing a wig and a skirt tha…

Hi all - I'm Elleydoll- nice to meet you :)

Hi all! I'm new to this blog but not new to having a blog, I have one @ that I set up as a friend who loves to blog asked me to do it, had been thinking of doing one before we chatted about it, as I love fashion and love to shop, I'm always happy to be in a shop looking at the sale bit - ya never know what they will have! and how much they will have off, I like to save and still look good,  My look can sometimes be a bit goth/rock-ish, I love DMs - platforms, could say that am a bit of a 90s girl with a bit of goth in there ... I like to wear what I like, I won't buy something coz everyone has it.  I have got into dying my hair lots of colours, just had it pink, but now bit sick of it, everyone is doing it, so going back to blonde - I have been dying it for years, but always had it dark,  was black for about 3 years, then got it cut and dyed it purple :) that was fun!  I live in the UK with a friend and 3cats,  in a flat, love it, its not…