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Lord Bishop Rocks

Lord Bishop Rocks
Lord Bishop was playing a gig at a pub in my city last night, I have seen him play alot - He plays rock and loves it, He always has a big cowboy hat on, and looks good in them :)
I went with some friends who had not seen him before and did not know what his music that is very Rock&Roll with abit of Sex rock in there....  I always enjoy chatting to him when I see him at his gigs .. He always make's time to chat with fan's and He give me a Big Hug!  I had not seen him in about 3years and was noce to see him as have missed seeing him  play in years! 
##Lord Bishop and I##
He loves Jim Bean and JackD - and always have some when he is playing, His songs are about love and are kind of funny,  He had one song that was all about a man who loves his girlfriend but is sick of her, 'He said this is for the men who have girlfriends' LOL
##Lord Bishop## Lord Bishop is so good at getting everyone having fun and his songs are a big part of that, He put's h…

Punk it up!

Punk is back!
Punk is back and it's everywhere!  - Every is dying there hair from blue to yellow!                                   With short spiked up hair! - And I love it!

##Boots Dr Martens##
The 'New' Punk look has been seen on the catwork from Vivienne Westwood too Abbey Dawn 
##Viv Westwood##The Queen of Punk##
##Abbey Dawn##Catwalk##

I love the punk look from the 80s then the look of today,   The look was all about the Dr Martens, Denim and the red tarten and I'm a very big fan of red tarten!
#Red Tarten##Seen all over the catworks##
At the mo with fashion - it's all about being your self and not caring - from 'Geek' to 'Doll' It's all been seen on the high st!
I don't like every look but like that everyone is not wearing the same old thing..  like the old days, When your Mum would dress you up in the same leggings that every other girl in the school had! - Then you hit that age and think 'Oh God' Mum what were you thinkin…

My Fun Weekend!

Fun Weekend :)
I went to see my mum in her new flat that she has just moved in too... Well say 'Just'  it was about 8-9 weeks ago and not been to see it and her till then:( Have missed her alot- and the week's have been flying by, I don't know how its been 8 weeks?
She has moved to Newark in Nottinghamshire-  It's a very old town that is not all that big but it's very nice. She love's the town and has my family that don't live far away from her...
She was unhappy living in Newcastle and I did not see that much of her so it's not all that bad that is has moved away, I'm happy that she is with people that love her and can take care of her, She has been ill and needs more care then i can give :(
Living where she is has giving her a new out look on live and she is getting out by her self more and  enjoying walking about the town - Well it's very nice and I can see why!
It took 2hours by car to get there,  Was abit of a wet day, so was happy to be in ca…