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Back to say Hi Hi all, I have not been on to post in over a week as been soo busy with college but I hope  by Wed that I'll be more free to post and chat and take pics and do other things...
So what I have been up too... College - Not stopped as been having to work and get the work handed in... Just about all done with it:) Just odd bits to do :)
But have enjoyed it! :) ###The geek in Me is talking###
And shopping - but less time on Ebay and in the shops or on line :(
But when I was food shopping last week in Asda - I did get a very nice black  pencil skirt that was just £12 and a back top that was just £10 Its good that the supermarkets do fashion- Some shoes better then other's I'm a fan of Asda more then a lot of the other ones as of the 100 day gaurantee :) And they are always happy to help in the one I go too... Not a fan of their underwear  as they don't do my cup size - ##big cup with a 32 back##
Then have been to Matalan with a friend and she got me to try on …