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Hay all :)                       Not been on to blog in week's, - Been worrking my ass off to shop! But have had fun at work, but this week been off ( well its tue#off for less then two days) And hate it, being off and not knowing what to do with our self when your ill, and its hot out :( I'm off work as I have a  throat infection, and its been soo pianful! :(
Been trying to sleep it off and eat and have lots of water. Been luck to see my doctor  when I did, as they get all booked up and I called them late in the day (3pm)

But should  be better in about a week##I hope##
Been on line looking at shoes and got some cool boots in the sale on They are light pink and have skulls all over them## Very much like the ones seen on the lolita JC boots but at alot less! :) so that makes me happy they were just £15!
I also got some platforms that look abit odd but they are cool
I got the black one's, they have not come yet - when they do I will post pics :)

I have not been up to a…