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New shoes and hair colour here!

New platforms Got my new shoe's the other day, Not been on to post as been busy working then sleeping/eating..
The shoes have a 3in platform with a 5in heel... I'm used to wearing heels but will need to walk about the house in them before wearing them out!  - they have pics all over the platforms that make them look very unique! I'm in love and happy that I got them! 

       I was getting sick of the blonde hair,  keeping the blonde look was getting hard work    and was not doing my hair any good - making it feel dry and was looking dull and unwashed :(
                                                      So I dyed it today on my day off!
                       I went into Boots and got L'Oreal casting creme in chestnut honey 634,                           My hair went more of a very dark blonde and was not all that nice :(

 Went to the shop that sells dyes and other things that is just down the rd from my house and they    had  a sale on!  knowing that my hair like …