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Not loving the hotniss....

Hot Living in the UK, We are not used to it being hot outside - Not knowing what the hell to wear - A dress or jeans? ... Boots/ shoes or sandals?.... Will it rain?... Be too hot?...  ...   I have not been sleeping too well with it, they have said that it's not been this hot in over 37years - a good long time, and we are more used to it being cold and wet here in the UK... Wearing boots/jeans.... Not getting the feet and legs out to cool down!  Being as light as I'am... I don't tan - I just go red... I have been known to burn with F50 on! And would never go out of my way to fake tan - did try it one or two times but the smell made me feel sick -Also it did not look that good on me!  My cat's all are not doing that well with how hot it is, they like to play alot, but all they are doing is lying around and looking far too hot... been put a cooler fan on to help and they have been loving it so much that they sit next to it and look far too happy :) Bless them... They are…

I love New Rock's!

New Rock Lover
I have been a fan of New Rock boots from the age of 14 - From the day I 1th saw them in a shop in my Town called Scorpio - They sell lots of shoes and boots that are kind of goth or 'out there' 
I would go in and try on all the pretty goth boots that I did not have the money for :( New Rock's, They were very much the 'in' goth boots that all the goth kids had,  and all I had was some £5 boots that were not cool but being poor and not having £90 for the cool boots - they had to do the job!  At 18 when I went 'full' on goth,  I dyed my hair from dark blonde to a black,  being as light as I'am... it fitted the goth look very well... And also my then boyfriend was goth and older and I wanted to look much cooler for him then this 5f1 blonde girl that was seen as a kid by everyone! He had some New Rocks that I loved and wish I could have the money for some as well... But having just moved out of my Mums - bills and clubbing - no money for the…