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New lolita things from Bodyline

New things from Bodyline Been looking on bodyline for forever or... for how ever long I have known about the shop... They sell a lot of lolits tops, skirts and other things that a lolita girl would wear... and alot of it is not all that much money! good for them of us that don't have that much to go on new things to play dress up! its not just lolita that they sell! They sell things for cosplay - like wigs,  dress up outfits... all very nice! also they have a goth bit that sells some very cool skirts and shoes! lots of platforms that look good with lots of other outfits, not just for the goth, lolita or cosplayer in you!
I wanted to get a dress, and in the end got a nice blue and pink one! it came with a headband in pink with a bow on - very cute!

The dress is a very good fit, and has a good zip on the side, with a corset back, this helps the dress fit better, the dress is baby blue and nicer in real life then in the pic, from the on line shop!
I'm very happy with it,  and it…