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Save Trillians!

RIP Trillians of Newcastle....
Lets save it!!!  

Today I got up from a good night of sleep to the
sad news that Trillians rock bar had ceased from
treding.... With immediate effect...
I went there about 10years ago to see Lord Bishop 
Rocks, With my one of my best friends, as well as my big sis,
The bar was soo busy, 
Everyone was in a good mood,
 And I had my first JD&Coke!
and got very drunk!... We danced that 
night away and got home at 2am!
That was one of the best nights that I have had in there...
 At the time I did not know that I would
go on the meet the love of my life... 
Two years later I did....

I met my boyfriend in there 8years ago,
on a night out with a old girl-mate,
They were on a date that was not going all
that well... And asked me to
 'let him down in a nice way'
We got chatting and he wanted me to tell her the same! lol
...And so we become friends, Then fell in love...
 And had our first kiss in there..

Over the years in there, 
I have become who I'am today, 
And Trillians …

Halloween 2013

Hay time to Zombie Halloween UP
I love to dress up  for things Last year I went to a zombie walk in the city that I live in,  A friend of mine runs it, and its always soo much fun, seeing what other people are wearing and how much fake blood is used!
I went along as a bride.... The  day before the walk I had no idea to get a wedding dress and cut it up... So then went shopping...  I went to like 10 charity shop looking for one..  By the time I got to like shop 10,  My friend and I were sick of looking in shops that did not have in :(
Shop 10 ... I asked the girl who worked in the last shop if they had any... And by luck... They did!!  She let me pop upstairs to see what they had.. And saw a very long 80s or 90s? Wedding dress that was like new and was in my size...

She Was soo nice in letting me have it for £20 and came with a veil! So then on the zombie day I cut the bottom off as was too long and wanted it look a mess... Then put 80s make up on then the fake blood! Was a lot of fun! 

On the way to the w…

For the love of Dr Martens

For the love of DMs

Been some what of a doc fan for more the 15 years,
My older sis got some black Dr marten boots for xmas
when she was 15, 

She loved them soo much that she never took them off!
She was very 'Grunge'
Loved her jeans and t'shirts 
... And anything denim and was light blue!
I love her look, 
She got me in to Nirvana  -

The band that kind of made  Grunge cool!
With long hair and over sized everything!
 She also loved Wet Wet wet -
Think she may of had a thing for  
Marti Pellow or his long hair...

I love that the 90s are back and bigger then ever!
With Dr Martens making a come back
(but I don't think they ever went out of fashion)

Today I have about 5 or 6 boots from Dr Martens,
I love pink and they did some boots that had a heel 
and I feel in love with them,
I got them in a sale last year and they do go with a lot
of things that I own!

I love that they have a heel,
And the hot pink is very cool, 

I also have some platform boots that are like a dark red pvc
By Agyness Deyn (2012…