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Be our selfs

Jobs - Be Your self....
I was looking on YouTube today,  at a girl that I kind of know,  She is very goth/Cyber in her look... I love her look soo much, Riped fish-nets..  platform shoes and boots, Dark eye and lip make up... She is looking for a job...  but alot of people won't give her the time of day, just coz of her look...  People asking her to not look that  way when that is what make's her happy and that makes her feel good... She is so sweet and easy to get on with... Make's me sick that this is still going on... Goth or punk or what the hell you are.. people should not call you names.. hurt you.. kill you, for what you wear or who your friends are...  Its 2013 - This world should know better.. but alot don't...  Just coz I have pink hair and  am a bit goth, don't give them to right to think they know anything about me or her, or anyone who look's not how people want them too... we are good people... Give 100 and 10 %  in everything we do... Working... Friends..  life..  The lot…

Burlesque dress up

Burlesque fun The art of burlesque has been around for years now... The dance... Make up and all the sexy outfits... From the steel bone corsets of the older more Vingage acts that made it so very famous...  To Dita Von Teese in the Martini Glass...  She has made the 40's looksexy..As will as her love of corsets ..That I also share with her...I'm a big fan of going to a burlesqueshow- they are not all about sex,They have a lot of comedy to them...Would tell everyone to go see one!Any way...As you know...I love to dress up...A friend of mine is a photographer and She is doing a  courst at college on the art of taking pics...  She needed someone to model for herin a burlesque style shoot...So I volunteered myself....Was very nervous...But when I got dressed up,It ended up being fun! Putting the corsets on, make up, as well as the wigs! Here are some of the pics.
Elleydoll xx