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Bad cosmic blue

As you know that I love to dye my hair...  Had it pink.. Blue...purple that lot... But the dying it light every other week to keep the pink was getting that  bit to much for me to keep the pink look up :(
So time to go back to dark...  in time for Xmas - I say rolling my eyes.... So I asked my bestfriend what colour to go...  MMMM he said... How about a dark blue/black... Ok I said...  Bring out the xxl dye... I went to Boots and get the Cosmic Blue90 It was about £5.50...

Over the last week of having this in..  Everytime I washed my hair it went blue and the dye washed out alot! Was not all that happy with this

So now today.. I'm having to re dye it to get rid of the washed out  blue mess that it was.. Also Superdurg wear selling xxl dyes for £4.50 I went and got BitterSweet Choc89

Have used this dye in the past and its been very good on my hair....
So I hope that I like it!  Hope I like being back to dark... Think I will... Less up keep and less time to keep re doing m…