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Kandee Shoes

Kandee ShoesJust wanted to post a pic of my new shoes by kandees
The shoes are well made with a very good sole - Also glitter pink! :)
They are well made too!  The fit is big, I'm a size 3 (36) and their is a little gap at the back, and at the front, I'm going put in shoe soles to help the fit, Also the heel is sooo high! I'll need to walk around the house in them before going out in them!

Elley xx



As Xmas is on its way, there are always people that buy cats and other 'cute' animals that they think won't need much care or love, that they think will stop little and cute forever... but then they grow up and become less cute and need more care then people think, There are more pets giving away and the beginning of the year then any other time of the year,    People not thinking that animals get sick, need jabs, food and other things like toys, but the most important thing to give any animal is love. 
I have 3 cats that have giving me so much in the years that I have had them,  they have been there on my bad days, to hug me when I'm sad, to hug me when I have put a movie on, they make me smile everyday and I don't know how anymore could hurt or put them outside into the cold.. A cat is for the life of that cat and not just for the time the cat or animals is cute for.

My friend sent me message about a cat shelter that only takes in cats, 
From Very young t…

My sunday Outfit

My Sunday outfit
Today I went shopping with my boyfriend for a outfit for next weekend, I'm going to a christening, I wanted something nice but smart -  I went to TK Maxx as they sell alot of items that should cost more! I ended up buying a dark purple shirt by Ralph Lauren in the sale for just £25! I also got a black dress for just £8! as well as a blue/sky shirt that I can wear with lolita or anything else. 
Today I wented to wear something pretty as had the day off (have been doing ALOT of ever time) I ended up wearing my skirt from Bodyline L482 in purple as well as Boyline shoes(Not on anymore) that went nice with some of the pink in the skirt, As well as a light blue jumper I got last year from H&M for about £15? As well as wight tights from Asos for about £5 

Hope your weekend was nice? xx

Unicorn Dress

Unicorn DressThe other week, I was thinking about what kind of dress I wanted,  And as I have always loved unicorns from being very young,  I love that they are magical and they don't exist - well they do  in my dreams! :)
So I came up with a dress that I wanted,  Looked online to see if there were any shops that were making dressess with unicorns in the lolita style... but there was not a lot of shops that were selling them, or that  I liked...
So I had a look on eBay for a dress maker and a seller poped up,  there was a link to her Facebook page,  Had a look, liked the style of the dressess that she was selling. I then messaged her asking of she could make me a dress, told her what I had in mind, I wanted a pink/puple dress with gold unicorns on,  She was more then happy to send me some pics with colours on,  I just had to pick! - with very nice gold unicorns around the bottom of the dress...

 So She took about two weeks to make it,  and was just £30!  Also, in the end my boyfriend ended up buyi…

Mean Lolitas

Mean Lolita's
Just saw this on Youtube and had to post it!
Enjoy :)
Elley xx

New Dress

New dress
I have a new dress coming..
Here is what it looks like

Will post pics when I have it!
Elley xx

My Next Tattoo...

My Next Tattoo
I have two tattoos, One on my lower back and one on my ankle, Both took me a long time to plan...
So Now the plan starts again...
This time I want to get a Buddha on the top on my leg... I have always liked them and they make me feel at peace when I look at them, or when I'm in a Buddha temple....
Here are some pics that I have found online...
Enjoy. Elley xx

New Look Dress

New Look Dress
Last year I got this dress from New Look,  It has graffite art print all over it, With lots of colours. Its very hot in the U.K at the mo,  So needed to wear something that was light that will keep me cool,  Also it went well with the yellow flip-flops! The flip-flops wear from Primark  last summer for about £4!
Elley xx

New Primark Skirt

New Primark skirt I got a new skirt from Primark the other day when I
 popped in to buy some black pants for work, 
I got a skirt with lots of flowers all over it, 
Also its nice and long.
With lots of colours :)
It was just £7!

Elleydoll  xxx

Selling Jeffrey Campell Boots

For Sale
Having a bit of clear out, 
Selling some things on eBay, 
Just added some boots by Jeffrey Campbell They are the Bueno Silver Mirror Boots in  a size 4 (37) New and still in box Bids from just £50+pp

Link to eBay

Will be adding more to this sale in the up coming weeks..
Elley xx

Back to Dark hair

Back to dark hair
I was getting sick of having to dye my hair pink every other week.
So I wanted to dye it back to my beloved brown hair, I used Poly colour by schwarzkopf in dark brown
Poly Color £2.10 at
I have missed my dark hair,  Will be easy to keep it this colour,  without having to keep re-dying it...

Me 'Elley'

I think the colour came out nice,  I'm very happy with it.
Elley xx

It continues...

It continues....
About a week ago, I talked about bullying on my blog about 'Behind the Bows' and did post screen shots of the pics that were on there... 
I wanted other girls who are into lolita fashion to be aware of this issue that is a very big and upsetting problem in the lolita community,  in the UK and everywhere else, 
I myself love lolita fashion,  but would not call myself a 'lolita' or have ever called my self one. I just like to wear what I want,  and wear it the way I want,   but some people love to have a say and pick at you, in a very nasty way on 'Bows'  and it all done 'anoymously' 
  So as I called them out on this, 
This week I'm back on,  twice! Here they are, 
Be more obvious?
I don't get this at all... 

I'll deal with the points raised above in turn. 1.  I didn't post to antagonise anyone 2,  I didn't ask anyone to remove the post 3.  What core guidelines? 4.  Is there a defined aesthetic?  Last time I checked, there were over …

New Hair Cut

Hair Cut
Today I went and had my cut in a little salon called Headlines,  They were very nice and happy to chat!

I did not want much cut off, just a good trim,  To get rid of the dead-ends.
The lady who cut my hair told me that she has been cutting hair for 20 years.
 New hair
I want my hair to grow out from the pixie-cut I had, 
So have been using some products from the well known Lush. A friend told me about a shampoo-bar called  'New' that helps the hair grow as it boosts blood flow,  It has worked so well!   (Wash hair two times with this) I also I love the smell of it!

Also I have been using a hair treatment called Roots,  You massage a little bit into the scalp and leave it for 20minuts  (on dry hair)  This has also helped my hair grow too,  Also makes my hair feel soft! :)

Lush can be expensive but its worth it!

Elley xx

Bully Test

My Test..
So about two weeks ago, I did a blog about the online bullying that is going on in the lolita community... Having been on the awful behind the bows now about 4 times.. I kind of knew where they had got my picture from.. and wanted to prove it... So I had my boyfriend take a picture of me in a lolita dress without a blouse on!  Some girls think this to be a 'sin' and surprise surprise.. Today I'm on behind the bows at number 21! ...
I did post the picture on a lolita page on facebook,  called closet of frills:daily lolita co-ords...  A lot of girls post pics of what kind of lolita outfit they are wearing.. and other people can tell you what they think, if they like it, how to make it better and so on..
 In lolita there are meant to be rules.. Like your ment to wear a blouse, your skirt or dress is ment to be puffy,  your shoes have to be a certain style,  and colours are meant to match and so on, I won't bore you with all the details..  But here are some..