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Hello 20014!
So this Xmas was over and gone in what felt like a blink of an eye, On the day, was like any other for me, As I was one of them poor people that had to work! There have been lots of co-workers off ill :( So more work for me, But the good thing is that  I'll have more money for shoes and other  nice things! On Xmas day My boyfriend had a big bag of things and said that it was all for me! He got me some platforms from Japan that have been wanting for like a year and a bit!  My Cat Shinobi got in way!
He also got me two Things by my much loved  Hell Bunny #Black Petal Flocked Dress#

And the #Harper Black Dress##

With the Petal dress I got a size M as there is not alot  of room for stretch! (boobs getting in the way) And being a 10-12 - that is a very good fit! With the Harper dress that has alot more room and alot of stretch for the boobs - I got a size S in this  and its a very good fit on me! Very happy with them! Not had them on yet as not had time to go anywhere, but when I do, will take s…