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Goth Fashion From The Gothic Shop

The Gothic Shop Having been a fan of this on line shop for sometime now, I was soo excited to see that they have added more items to their very big range of gothic fashion So far... From dresses to tights... To bags....And so on... They have added to their range of Spin Doctor For anyone who want to add abit of steam punk to their gothic closet!
Spin Doctor - Pentagrem Dark Arts Harness mini Dress
As well as the well known Hell bunny that I have to admit that I'm a big fan of! They have added a bit more of a goth look to there well know rockabilly look that has become very big here in the U.K as well as the U.S.A...
 Mary Jane Cobwed dress By Hell Bunny

Also was happy to see that they have added to there Restyle stock - Adding more tops and of course.. More jewellery to make every goth girl lust over! (myself included)
Skeleton Corset top By Restyle
Vivian Mint Green Choker By Restyle
Well I'll be saving for some or a lot of new dressess and bags...  Well you know the saying..  A gal can …

Follow/Twitter Me!!

Twittering in on the act I have said that I would never give in the twitter bug... But Now I have... Just added my self... Elleydoll, To the world of Twitter... Not going lie to you, I don't get it that much! Lets you, Twitter people that you see on TV and other people that I don't know- but ment to know?..MMM I have always enjoyed facebook more (at this mo) - So easy to chat, post pics and other things...  to me Twitter is just a way to keep doing a status update.. And we have Facebook for that..... 
I think I just need to find my feet with this new thing that all the cool kids are doing... Kind of cool that I can follow people like Kelly O and Buffy her self Sarah M Geller... There are some good things to it... Ok..  if you would like to follow and Twitter Me,  be nice to know who look's at my blog.... Elleydoll xxx

Saving fun :)

Saving Time
Been off work this week with not a nice bug :( and to stop self going mad from being in the house... I have been looking a my... very big wardrobe... Been getting shoes out that, I love but know that  I'll just never wear,  Like some very sexy ones with some very big spikes on  Size 3 spikes
 I love them, but the heel is just too high for me! Think they are something like 5in?
I'm also selling some of my Lolita/goth wear and more shoes that I won't wear Like some blue platforms that have had for years but only had them on about 3 times,
Blue platforms
I got them about 3 years ago,  before everyone went mad on the all the fashion from Japan, They are well made!
Also selling a latex outfit that don't fit me,  my boobs are bigger then they were, when I got it! It's a pants and top set

 Latex set Size S
They do look nice on, but better for someone with less boob and bum!
Also selling one of my much loved skirts by well known - Hell Bunny, got it some years ago and only had it o…