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Platform mad

Platforms Ok.. I'm platform mad. I have lots of shoes and boots that have heels then a big platform on... I have been mad on them from being like 10 years old... When I first saw the Spice Girl's on tv...With there colour- Not a lot to their outfits then their big platform shoes/boots... The lot.... I had would beg my mum to let me have some shoes like them.. But they said I was far too young and they would hurt my feet...   I would look at the shoes in a shop in my town and wish I could buy some... When I had saved up.. they no longer had them in:(
When I was 19 ish.. I did find a shop in my town that did sell all the platform's, Then I feel in love with, And saved up for like 8weeks for a pair of black platforms with a skull on by TUK  I loved them soo much and never had them off my feet! In the end the heel fell off when was out with friends in a rock club (very rock&roll lol) Today I have more shoes by TUK and they just keep  bringing out more shoes that I have to have,  N…

On line Shop

On line shopping
Having been ill this week and off work,  had sooo much time for abit of on line shopping.... One of the best on line Gothic shop's have had a very big sale on  '''' They have been taking 10% off their sale items from some time last week and ends on 31th... I had my eye on a dress by Spin Doctor that was £50ish.. 
 Spin Doctor Georgie Dress
 But thanks to Kate's Clothing  I Got it in the sale for less then £20! I don't have anything in the steam-punk look,  And saw this and had to have it! Loved the look of this dress, coz it looks kind of Lolita-ish... and it is kind of sweet!  With abit of Steam-punk!
Also had my eye on something else.. A mini skirt by Kreepsville 666  Kreepsville Skirt
Got it for less then £10! I'm a big fun of this make! They have some very cool well made things!
I like kates Clothing alot and have been shopping with them for years and they have always been so helpful and nice,  there on line shop is so…

Weekend of hosp :(

Odd weekend Hi all, I have had a very bad weekend,  I took very ill friday...  Had a long weekend of tests and sleeping... was sent home sat but ended up back in today,  then had more tests, blood taking,  they had to have 3 go's today :( But am now home and happy to be sat on the sofa enjoing a cup of tea and pizza :)
I missed my cats, They missed me, (I got cryed at by them all!)  The laptop and my beloved boyf who has taking very good care of me, that makes me feel very lucky to have him :) Had all my best friends come see me, get me anything and everything I needed (best friends ever!) So just wanted to say a big  THANK YOU  to all of them.. My Boyf has taking the best care of me,  He got me mags, pjs... and everything a girl needs for a night away,  The hosp took the best care of me and did everything they could,  will have to go back in to have more tests,  but for this time am home, happy and off work till better, going miss it soo much! 
Will blog more when feeling better, but may be off f…