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New Colour?

Hair colour
Over the years I have dyed my hair ALOT!      Have dyed it lots using directions   dye's- I love that they wash out - then you can play with more colours,  making it alot of fun!  Here are some of mine over the year! purple hair

Pink hair
 Red hair

Dark Purple
 Light Pink and Blonde
Purple and Blonde
Hot pink

So now am thinking of re dying my hair,  Should I go Blue? Purple? Pink?
I have seen so very good dye jobs on line

 I'm loveing all the blue's and greens in the pastel colour's!
Now just need to make my mined up and get on with the fun! 
What do you think??
Elleydoll xx

New boots NR

New Boots! I was bad and went and got myself some new boots! New rocks are always well made and go with so much, as well as being good in the cold and hot weather,  The platform gives me more height and makes legs look longer! I love them so much!  My outfit of today Top By New look Skirt Vintage from eBay Boots New Rock! Elleydoll xx

Be your self

Be your self My good friend had some pics taking last week,   and she put them on line as was soo happy with them, and why the hell not? But then she got a Email about  'How to make her self look better' They took one of the nice pics and edited it without  her or the  Photography   permission! They have NO  right to do that! If they don't like her look  -  Why Email and tell her? Just don't look!  She may not be a size 4 but she is still a very pretty girl! And I love her look! She made the outfit her self! I'm a size 10-12, am I'm fat? Over the year's, I, myself have had shit over how I look, People teling me that, I look better with make up on, and should wear it everyday! - Well - I'm not always in the mood to put it on,  Also that I could dress in a way they like, not what I like! Well - if you look like it,  I don't care, I like how I look and I like what I wear!

                With Make up 
             No make up
It's 2014,  Why can't we just be happ…