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Out and Happy

Out and Happy :) The old meaning of gay means happy so  why can't more people be that? And let people get on with their life how they wish to live it? I saw today that Ellen Page has 'come out' But why did she have to hide this from the public? And why in 2014 are people still homophobic? There are still so many countries  were the law is very strict about the same  sex relationships,  and in same still punishable by death. Here in the UK the attitude is still abit mixed with some saying that this is wrong  and sex should be between a man and women. Not of the same sex.  Some people have been hurt for just being their self... It's good that the law now lets gay couples  get married. Also it's good that the UK is becoming more open to adoption by gay couples. I think this is all very good and wish more countries would be more open and talk about this matter more then just being scared of people going to  war over something that is natural. People don…

Iron Fist

Iron Fist Shoes
Got some new shoes today by the well known  Iron Fist I do love all their shoes and all the designs,  All from the very sweet looking heels with mermaids, to the heels with monsters on. I was looking on line today and came across alot of complaints about the very bad quality of the shoes and how they have been falling apart...  I myself can see how easy this is happening- The soles are very bad,  The shoes all have pics on their soles, (nice) But this can also mean that they are very  slippy and that is not all that good to walk in them.  Also The part of the shoes, at the bottom  where your toes in the shoes sit, the top part tends to rub  over the top of the toes next to the nails,   This can hurt ALOT!  So I wear socks But this can make putting some of their shoes on a bit difficult  - as some of the shoes can be a small fitting....   This problem is to do with the inside of the shoes,  the lining is abit too rough to the feet,  they could do with putting a softer lining inside like se…

Velentines oufit 2014

Velentines day outfit
Today I got up to by boyfriend  telling me he had the day off for Velentines day and he would take me any where I wanted to go = Shopping!Still not feeling my best I went in to about 4 shops, Got new shoes and tops from my much loved Primark, He is also  is getting me a take out meal.I feel soo lucky to have him and for taking a day off just for me :)I wanted to look nice, so put new dress on from  from Bodyline and its nicer then it was in the pics online! I love it! It has hearts and the wordall over it, black/white stripes over it. The Dress is very well made. Been a nice day in all, and was nice being out for a hour or soBut also nice to be home sat on sofa enjoyinga dvd night in of How I met your Mother with my very nice Boyfriend. :) Velentine's Day all :) Elleydoll xx

New hair

New hair Having been at home so much much this week and trying to get over what ever is going on with me (hosp still doing tests) Was feeling very bored and decided to colour my hair taking it from dark brown to light blonde I used Live Color XXL Absolut Platinum 00A, This works very well at making hair lighter  And it did a very good job at taking the dark out  and making it more of a yellow colour  but that is ok....  Then I used Superdurg's Performance Natural Ultra Light Blonde 11.0 I love this soo much! Made my hair soo nice!  Did not feel damaged at all! My hair could do with toning and one more colour job to make it more blonde.... For the yellow tone I'm going use  John Frieda Sheer Blonde colour Renew   Shampoo and Conditioner,  Have used this before and its very good at thinking  unwanted colour out of blonde hair,  But best not to over use as could make hair purple!

Other shampoo and conditioner that I love to use this Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Daily Shampoo and their  conditioner is good f…

Man top

Mens top
I went to primark the other day and got a new top from the mens bit!
I got a size L and it's very over sized but I liked that,  Will wear it as a dress!
I love that it's a marvel and has alot of the heroes on it in there cartoon form.
I'm a very big fan of all of the marvel comices and love that this has them all on!

Was just £8!
Thanks primark for being sooo cool!
Elleydoll xx