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Rocking Horse Shoes

Rocking Horse Shoes 
I'm a big Vivenne Westwood fan! I love that she makes platfroms  and designed my all time favourite Shoes - Rocking Horse Shoes, They were made in 1986 part of the ''mini Crini'' collection.  with lots of full skirt and corsets. This collection was very 'before'  Its time, its very much a look you would find in Japan of today, very lolita...
Viv Westwood RHS 1986 
The rocking horse shoes are very much like ballet shoes, but with a platform!
Today, Viv Westwood still make them,  as with putting a new spin on it With rocking horse golf shoes  and other kinds... VivWestwood RHS/Boots 2014 They are still £300+ for a pair... I'm saving for some at the mo!
But alot of other shoes are doing their own take  on this shoe. Bodyline are making some very good ones at about £40 ish...  From shoes to a boot in alot of colours. Bodyline Shoes278
 Bodyline Shoes263
Bodyline Boot/Shoes277
Also  are doing there own take on  them.…