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Outfit 1/3/14

Today's Outfit and Shopping list..

Today I went into the city center of Newcastle and had nice food,  looked in New Look and Schuh and tryed on some cute shoes by Irregular Choice with a cat on! They were very cute! Miaow Shoes But will save for them... I went in hoping that they would have some shoes in that have a heel with a cat on! But no luck :( So thinking will have to order when their on-line shop...       Mouse Trap
Have also seen some other shoes on their on-shop that have a unicorn heel ...

one with charms

What I wore today Dress From New Look, Got this about 4years ago, Shoes from
Elleydoll xx

Hello Red

Hello red
In my last blog I talked about red hair...
I was thinking of going red... 
And then did.....
What I used...
 Nice&Easy Perfect 10 Light Auburn 6R Vaseline, Dye bowl  Tinting brush
Vaseline is well known for making lips nice and soft but less known for hair dying! Rub a little bit where the hair line is and this makes it easier to take the day off in the shower!
Tinting brush is good for doing roots and them, not soo easy bits! :) 
The dye Nice&Easy Perfect 10 Light Auburn 6R Was very easy to mix this up, the instructions are very easy to follow! This was easy to put on hair,  did not take alot of time as this is just a 10min dye, so very good for anymore who don't have much time!  Not the best pic, Me with the dye on.

When it came to wash off,  It came off very well, water did go red! only took 5mins!   The conditioner was nice.
But this did make my hair feel dry :( But a hair mask should fix that!
The colour... It's red!... Bit lighter then was wanting.. So thinking one more dye an…

Seeing Red

Seeing Red Red hair has been all over the cat walks for  the summer that is not all that long away! Woohoo! I love summer soo much! Summer shoes, summer cute outfits... Back to the red hair... The red look has been seen on  lots of well known people.. From Emma Stone to Rihanna... From a light red to pop red.. to dark red.. I'm loving the Amber red that have been see all over the catwalks... But also loved Emma Stone as a red head, the red made her eyes pop! Emma Stone Rihanna
Catwalk #Model#RedHair# Been looking on YouTube to see what other girls use to get this look..  And how easy it is... what the best dyes are.. A lot are using L'Oreal Feria - They have a good range of reds, From light to hot chilli red... Some other girls  have said how good the Garnier Nutrisse Creme dye is..  They say the oil is good on the hair... To Clairol Perfect 10 by Nice&easy. I have used Perfect 10 in the past and has always been happy with how well this dye has came out, And just takes 10mins! So went and got Lig…