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Hell Bunny (Mega Cute Dress)

Hell Bunny (Mega Cute Dress)
I got a dress from the new Hell Bunny summer line, Its called the mega cute dress, and it so is!
I'm a 8-10, so got a XS and its fits me so well!  it has lots of things on it, making it fun to look at, It has rainbows, jewels, sweets, roses, pearls and ponies print on the dress, I love it! 

Me in the Hell Bunny Mega Cute Dress 
Me in the Mega Cute Dress with my cat Nobi
Me in the Mega Cute Dress
Elleydoll xx

Comic Con Newcastle 2014

Comic Con Newcastle 2014Today I went to my first Comic con in Newcastle at the Arena, I queued for about 30mins, but it was fun waiting, as there was people dressed up in a number of costumes, from Star Wars (storm Troopers), Indiana Jones to Dredd. Me today, queuing to get in side Comic Con.  With the imperials.
Me today with Indiana.
When I got in side, there was lots to see, lots of stalls, selling lots of film and tv merchandise... From posters to cups to bags,  from lots of Dr who,  Buffy, Angel and Farscape.
There was lots of well known faces from Tv and Film. I was very lucky to meet Virginia Hey from Farscape,  She was very chatty and we had a long conversion about her perfumes and candles, She smelled wonderful (her own brand is   As well as talking about my outfit that she liked,  She said that I was like a very pretty fairy! :) Was sweet of her to say,  She was very nice , I got her autograph for my boyfriend as he is a big fan of hers, I hope to see he…