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Pretty Reckless Live 'Newcastle'

The Pretty Reckless Live in NewcastleI went to see the Pretty Reckless play at Newcastle arena last night, I was so excited!I have been wanting to see them for about 4years and got to see them last night! They played about 5 or 6 songs -   Miss Nothing,  Makes Me Wanna Die, Factory Girl, Heaven Knows, Going To Hell... They did play a new song but can't remember the name of it:( .... All the songs were played live and they sounded very good, the lighting was good, all the colours fitted in with the songs.  The arena was not all that busy for a rock gig, I had seated tickets - I wish that I could of went to the front, but they would not let me because of the tickets I had, they were very strict and safety concious...  I wish I could of seen more of her, but was at the back.. Well I'll know for next time!  I went for a more rock look for the gig,  Put a PVC skirt on that has a cool pink skull,(With added studs) and love black top that has a rib cage on that I got from H&M last …

Outfit of today 19/3/14

Outfit of TodayI got this dress from eBay for just £5!Having been looking for this dress in my size for about a year and found it! I love the eyeballs and the pinks and purple of it! I don't know the name of it? but Hell bunny have a name for every dress! -I think they need to name one Elley! :) Hell Bunny Dress and Bodyline Platforms.
I'm also wearing platforms from Bodyline that came over the weekend -  They are the Rocking Horse Shoes278. (In the Lolita bit)They fit me very well, I like them a lot! They are well made and comfortble to wear -  I'm thinking of getting them in the dark red colour to go with some other outfits..Also I dyed my hair a dark purple using Live Color XXL Ultra Violet, I'm very happy with how it came out, a bit darker, but I love that its not to light! I'm all about purple this week! :) xx