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Lolita meet with some friends

Lolita meet I met some of my good lolita friends for tea and cake in a little tea shop that we have been going for about two years now,  The teas are from mainly China,  So here are some pics for you all to enjoy! :) Purple tea!
I want this tea pot! So cool! :)
Pat in her Hell Bunny dress! 
Lou, She made this dress her self! Love the red and tartan in it! 
Pat and Lou. 
Kate and myself 'Elle' My dress is from Bodyline. 
This was a fun meet,  Good fun chatting about clothing and shopping.. Hope to see them all soon! Elleydoll

Abbey Dawn...?

Where did Abbey Dawn's Collection 2013 Go? I'm a very big Abbey Dawn fan,  I love the shoes, the tops, and the hoodis.. I love that they are a bit goth but with a colourful edge... Also its all been designed by Avril Lavigne,  I have been a fan of her music and her style for more then 10years  (I feel old now) ..  And was over the moon when she brought out the Abbey Dawn range part of Iron Fist, they had cool platform shoes/boots and clothing...  But now well in to 2014 and still no sign of the collection that was ment to come out last year, with lots more shoes and clothing,  and there online site now off line, this makes me feel very sad and having seen pics of the what was ment to be for 2013, but still not out :( I just hope that they can bring out the shoes as been wanting to get my hands on some platforms with studs on...
Elleydoll xx

La'Riche Directions Hair Dye

Pink I have missed you! About 3-4 weeks ago I dyed my hair a dark purple with a live xxl dye, I liked it at the time but over the weeks the dye washed out and I ended up hating it,  So I lightened it using live xxl absolut platinum 00A, My hair likes this dye and its very good at taking it lighter,  My hair ended up a yellow colour,   But that is a good base colour for 'wash out' dyes
I then mixed Carnation pink and violet with a white conditioner  (I like to use Alberto Balsam coconut and lychee) I put this all over my hair,  and left it on for 45mins, then washed it out,  Then I dyed under my new fringe that I cut in my self, Not the best but I like that! Then put some turquoise that I also mixed with a bit of conditioner, It come out nice but the pink has needed one more dye on bits that were missed,  I'm happy to have it back to this colour!
I love that direction wash out in weeks,  and have lots of colours to try!  I'm thinking of lavender next when this is washed out!  I get…