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Kawwii.i My Five Minutes Of Fame

Kawii Internation My five minutes of fame! About two month's ago my friend Lou was asked to be part of a show called Kawaii international, the show is about all the fashion coming out of Japan,  From Lolita to Gyaru to Goth, The show we were part of was about girls who are curvy but who love fashion.   In Japan, shops are making bigger sizing to fit everyone in the cute kawwii looks that are so well known, the ep, showed bigger sized models who work in Japan for a magazine (La Farfa)  that is aimed at the bigger girl, with lots of info on where to shop, how to wear the clothing, what make up to use, how to put the make on, what  styles make you look taller or thinner... I think this is very good that they are now doing this in Japan, it helps girls feel better about how they look, what they wear, its helping in promoting more body confidence in young woman. The part of the ep we were on was a bit called 'around the world'  Lou makes a lot of her own corsets and clothing, she got …

Bodyline Blue Dress

Bodyline Blue dress
Today the sun was back out woohoo! so I wanted to put my favourite dress on ..  The dress is so comfortable to wear, I love the light blue and the pattern is fun!
Here are some pictures that my boyfriend took..  Bless he is not the best.. But good that he tries! 
Me with my cat Jazzy, Headband from, Dress from Bodyline L400sax.  Top from H&M.
With my other cat Shinobi.
Better look at the headband from,  Necklace from Asda (kids)
Elleydoll xx

Lolita Bullying

Behind The BowsBehind the bows is well known in the lolita community for the posting of doctored pictures (faces are blanked out) with horrible taglines and comments.
Victims pictures can be selected for some of the below reasons:

Not wearing expensive brands.
Being overweight
Being underweight
Not being considered to meet the exact 'look' that some seem to think is the only correct way to wear lolita.
Just starting out
Personal attacks

I recentl watched a girl on YouTube having a rant about people being on there, people sending things in, then writing some very, very nasty things.  This girl has now found herself on behind the bows for her efforts.

I, myself have been put on there two times now and I know that someone I know in the lolita community uploaded the pictures that were copied from my Facebook profile.  Not the friendliest of fashion communities is it?

I've a very good friend who's pictures have ended up on this hateful site.  She modfies and makes her own clothes…