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Bully Test

My Test..
So about two weeks ago, I did a blog about the online bullying that is going on in the lolita community... Having been on the awful behind the bows now about 4 times.. I kind of knew where they had got my picture from.. and wanted to prove it... So I had my boyfriend take a picture of me in a lolita dress without a blouse on!  Some girls think this to be a 'sin' and surprise surprise.. Today I'm on behind the bows at number 21! ...
I did post the picture on a lolita page on facebook,  called closet of frills:daily lolita co-ords...  A lot of girls post pics of what kind of lolita outfit they are wearing.. and other people can tell you what they think, if they like it, how to make it better and so on..
 In lolita there are meant to be rules.. Like your ment to wear a blouse, your skirt or dress is ment to be puffy,  your shoes have to be a certain style,  and colours are meant to match and so on, I won't bore you with all the details..  But here are some..

Bodyline Rose Dress L345

Bodyline Dress L345Today in Newcastle temperatures were above 20c,  one very hot day! So I wanted to put a nice pretty dress on,  And I was in luck as my new Rose dress From Bodyline came in the post! As always the dress came in the usual Bodyline packet,
Bodyline Packet
The dress I got is L345 It's black with rose flowers at the bottom in pink,  with some jewels and mirrors,  Also has bows on the top in light pink,  the dress has some lace on the top and bottom,  also the dress had a corset lace but I took it off as I always do with bodyline dressess,  can make them feel to tight for me!
 The print on the dress

The pink shoes are also from Bodyline S255 Tights from Asos
I'm in love with this dress,  its my new favourite!
Elley xx