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New Hair Cut

Hair Cut
Today I went and had my cut in a little salon called Headlines,  They were very nice and happy to chat!

I did not want much cut off, just a good trim,  To get rid of the dead-ends.
The lady who cut my hair told me that she has been cutting hair for 20 years.
 New hair
I want my hair to grow out from the pixie-cut I had, 
So have been using some products from the well known Lush. A friend told me about a shampoo-bar called  'New' that helps the hair grow as it boosts blood flow,  It has worked so well!   (Wash hair two times with this) I also I love the smell of it!

Also I have been using a hair treatment called Roots,  You massage a little bit into the scalp and leave it for 20minuts  (on dry hair)  This has also helped my hair grow too,  Also makes my hair feel soft! :)

Lush can be expensive but its worth it!

Elley xx