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Back to Dark hair

Back to dark hair
I was getting sick of having to dye my hair pink every other week.
So I wanted to dye it back to my beloved brown hair, I used Poly colour by schwarzkopf in dark brown
Poly Color £2.10 at
I have missed my dark hair,  Will be easy to keep it this colour,  without having to keep re-dying it...

Me 'Elley'

I think the colour came out nice,  I'm very happy with it.
Elley xx

It continues...

It continues....
About a week ago, I talked about bullying on my blog about 'Behind the Bows' and did post screen shots of the pics that were on there... 
I wanted other girls who are into lolita fashion to be aware of this issue that is a very big and upsetting problem in the lolita community,  in the UK and everywhere else, 
I myself love lolita fashion,  but would not call myself a 'lolita' or have ever called my self one. I just like to wear what I want,  and wear it the way I want,   but some people love to have a say and pick at you, in a very nasty way on 'Bows'  and it all done 'anoymously' 
  So as I called them out on this, 
This week I'm back on,  twice! Here they are, 
Be more obvious?
I don't get this at all... 

I'll deal with the points raised above in turn. 1.  I didn't post to antagonise anyone 2,  I didn't ask anyone to remove the post 3.  What core guidelines? 4.  Is there a defined aesthetic?  Last time I checked, there were over …