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Unicorn Dress

Unicorn DressThe other week, I was thinking about what kind of dress I wanted,  And as I have always loved unicorns from being very young,  I love that they are magical and they don't exist - well they do  in my dreams! :)
So I came up with a dress that I wanted,  Looked online to see if there were any shops that were making dressess with unicorns in the lolita style... but there was not a lot of shops that were selling them, or that  I liked...
So I had a look on eBay for a dress maker and a seller poped up,  there was a link to her Facebook page,  Had a look, liked the style of the dressess that she was selling. I then messaged her asking of she could make me a dress, told her what I had in mind, I wanted a pink/puple dress with gold unicorns on,  She was more then happy to send me some pics with colours on,  I just had to pick! - with very nice gold unicorns around the bottom of the dress...

 So She took about two weeks to make it,  and was just £30!  Also, in the end my boyfriend ended up buyi…

Mean Lolitas

Mean Lolita's
Just saw this on Youtube and had to post it!
Enjoy :)
Elley xx