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As Xmas is on its way, there are always people that buy cats and other 'cute' animals that they think won't need much care or love, that they think will stop little and cute forever... but then they grow up and become less cute and need more care then people think, There are more pets giving away and the beginning of the year then any other time of the year,    People not thinking that animals get sick, need jabs, food and other things like toys, but the most important thing to give any animal is love. 
I have 3 cats that have giving me so much in the years that I have had them,  they have been there on my bad days, to hug me when I'm sad, to hug me when I have put a movie on, they make me smile everyday and I don't know how anymore could hurt or put them outside into the cold.. A cat is for the life of that cat and not just for the time the cat or animals is cute for.

My friend sent me message about a cat shelter that only takes in cats, 
From Very young t…