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Happy Xmas All!

HappyXmas All Hi all, Sorry not been on my blog much over the past weeks, I have been busy with college - I'm doing a fashion course, The course is for beginners in sewing,  patterns and a little bit of design, I'm enjoying it a lot, but there has been a lot of work to do! By the end of the course, I should of made a skirt! I'm hoping to do a degree in the up coming year, I have realised how much passion I have for art and fashion, I would love my own line of clothing and shoes one day, I know how much work goes into designing and making clothing, Its not as easy as people think. I have also been busy with work, that is going well. Trying to think what else I have been up too... Went out last week with one of my best friends - Was his birthday, We went to a rock night called Grindhouse, its a good night, they play a lot of Rammstein, ACDC and other old music, A lot of my friends go, its only on one night a month. I also went to see the new Star Wars film, I'm not going say wh…

Teesside Unleashed Six Comic Con

Teesside Unleashed Today I went to a con in Teesside with my boyfriend, the con was just a small event in a hotel,  there were only 500 tickets to hand out, but was still very busy! full of cosplayers in amazing costumes, from Star Wars to Skyrim (Game) The con had lots of stalls that were selling old games from the 90s,  Brought memories back of when I was a kid and used to play Sonic. as well as vintage games, toys, pictures and lots more cool things  I took pictures...

I went in Lolita, My Rose dress, blouse and shoes are from Bodyline, Tights are from Primark, headband from Asos.
I sew Virginia Hey again, She had remembered me from the Newcastle Con 2years ago, She was lovely and happy to chat as always, We had a nice catch-up about how we both have been. she had some of the soap she makes to sell, I bought Pam Rose from Star Wars was also there, Only had a little chat with her,  she was very easy to talk to,  As well as Brian Wheeler, He was very easy going and happy to chat about his ti…

Kawaii.I Update show, Around the world

Kawaii.I Update Show Last year I was on a episode of Kawaii International with some friends that also like Japanese fashion, We all like Lolita, We enjoy going for tea and cake, then chatting about new clothing we have, things we have seen online, in magazines and other places. We were on ep #24, a part of the ep called  ''around the world'' the show likes to visit different country's.  this ep was all about having having body confidence in wearing clothing that you want to wear, from Lolita to girly fashion. Was nice to see them do a update on past episodes, My friend Lou was back on, talking about the clothing libel that she is setting up, She has always loved making her own clothing and putting her own unique stamp to clothing - I wish her all the luck in the world! Here is a link to her blog Elley xx 

York Lolita Meet

York Lolita Meet On Saturday I went to York for the day for a Lolita meet, The York and Sheffield Lolita coms came together for a meet of tea/cakes and shopping... Dress, Shoes and socks from Bodyline, Hello Kitty Necklace and pink Necklace from Asda kids bit. Blouse Vintage from eBay. We met at York train station at around 11.30am, as some of  the girls were getting trains, I was the only girl from Newcastle - (There was also a meet going on in Newcastle but the girls never invite me along) As Before With my cat Jazmine. So I just went to the York meet, I was nervous at first that the girls would be unfriendly but I shouldn't have worried as they were all very welcoming and very easy to chat to and get on with,  All the girls were so lovely. On the walk to Betty's we were stopped and asked about why were dressed the way we were by lots of older lady's, they said we looked all so pretty, we met some very sweet people. We went to Betty's tea room (the little one)  for tea an…

Hello All

Hi all! Not been blogging much over the past couple of weeks, Been away looking for a new job and now I have one! Woohoo! What else have I been up too - Had time off from work, so been seeing friends, Had one or two nights out (lots of nice cocktails) and lots of friends birthdays... With one very fun night out, On that night out, we went to a new rock night, in Newcastle called Grindhouse -  They play lots of old rock music from the 80s and 90s,  with added ACDC, Rammstein and lots of other bands :) Me, Enjoying a cosmo, mmmmm the rock night is still new to Newcastle, but its getting more well know,  they have dancers of all shapes, from a size 6- 18!  Its nice that they show that being sexy is not about the size you are, you can be sexy at any size - Just look at Tess Holliday, she is rocking every cat walk and adds that she is on! - Go her! Tess Holliday Rocking the pool wear! I like that at the mo, we are seeing more real models in adds, TV, and in fashion mags, Like a lot of women ou…

Not been aroung much...

Not been around much... Hi all, Sorry not been on my blog much, I got very, very busy with work, then had time off for my birthday - I went to Newcastle comic con and got to meet the one and only  Spike from Buffy (James Marsters) - it was very busy there, lots of people wanting to meet him, I had my pic taking with him, (James Marsters and I) He was so nice,  I was hoping to have more time to chat to him, but was so busy that only  had like 2mins! - Hope to meet him some other time! At comic com there were lots of people in  cosplay, they all looked so cool!  I ended up wearing Lolita,  a dress from bodyline (L518) and rocking horse shoes...  (Me at comic con Newcastle - My make up) I had a lot of fun there,  went with friends and my boyfriend. Ended up buying two bags, a dress  (that ended up being to big) and 4 Buffy comics. I have been on twitter more and more and enjoying it so much! Feel free to send me a twitter! here is a link Elley xx 

Woohoo New Bodyline

Woohoo New BodylineBodyline have been adding some new things to the online shop.. Woohoo!They have just added some boots that are in the Victorian style, But with cute bows,  they can be worn in Lolita and other styles, like goth or steampunk... I have sent off for the black ones before they sell out... As well as Jumper dresses... I also sent off for this in Black (Top-Pic) Dress Skirts As well as coats.. They have been talking about a unicorn dress being released.. But no sign of it as yet..I want them to hurry it up! I'm loving all things unicorn at the mo... Elleydoll xx 

Steampunk Make Up

Steampunk Make Up My friend is doing a make up course to become a make up artist, She is hoping to work in T.V... She needed a model to work on for a part of her course, and knowing my love for dressing up, She asked me :) We have been friends now for about 8 or more years, we met in a pub with other friends - We both knew the same people and got chatting over god knows what? - Maybe clothing or shoes, I have always like her style, She has a deep love for gothic fashion, corsets,  lace and tartan, platform shoes/boots (Same as me) A friendship in fashion girl heaven :) Nowadays we both a have a love for fashion from Japan, She loves Lolita but has never giving the look a go - I'm going to have to change that :) She also has a lot of love for Steampunk and wanted to do a look for her course...  Here are some pictures that I had taking on my phone... Enjoy It was a lot of fun, She did a very good job and should be very proud of her  self and her work (I'm very proud of her) Elleydoll  …