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Steampunk Make Up

Steampunk Make Up My friend is doing a make up course to become a make up artist, She is hoping to work in T.V... She needed a model to work on for a part of her course, and knowing my love for dressing up, She asked me :) We have been friends now for about 8 or more years, we met in a pub with other friends - We both knew the same people and got chatting over god knows what? - Maybe clothing or shoes, I have always like her style, She has a deep love for gothic fashion, corsets,  lace and tartan, platform shoes/boots (Same as me) A friendship in fashion girl heaven :) Nowadays we both a have a love for fashion from Japan, She loves Lolita but has never giving the look a go - I'm going to have to change that :) She also has a lot of love for Steampunk and wanted to do a look for her course...  Here are some pictures that I had taking on my phone... Enjoy It was a lot of fun, She did a very good job and should be very proud of her  self and her work (I'm very proud of her) Elleydoll  …