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Not been aroung much...

Not been around much... Hi all, Sorry not been on my blog much, I got very, very busy with work, then had time off for my birthday - I went to Newcastle comic con and got to meet the one and only  Spike from Buffy (James Marsters) - it was very busy there, lots of people wanting to meet him, I had my pic taking with him, (James Marsters and I) He was so nice,  I was hoping to have more time to chat to him, but was so busy that only  had like 2mins! - Hope to meet him some other time! At comic com there were lots of people in  cosplay, they all looked so cool!  I ended up wearing Lolita,  a dress from bodyline (L518) and rocking horse shoes...  (Me at comic con Newcastle - My make up) I had a lot of fun there,  went with friends and my boyfriend. Ended up buying two bags, a dress  (that ended up being to big) and 4 Buffy comics. I have been on twitter more and more and enjoying it so much! Feel free to send me a twitter! here is a link Elley xx