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York Lolita Meet

York Lolita Meet On Saturday I went to York for the day for a Lolita meet, The York and Sheffield Lolita coms came together for a meet of tea/cakes and shopping... Dress, Shoes and socks from Bodyline, Hello Kitty Necklace and pink Necklace from Asda kids bit. Blouse Vintage from eBay. We met at York train station at around 11.30am, as some of  the girls were getting trains, I was the only girl from Newcastle - (There was also a meet going on in Newcastle but the girls never invite me along) As Before With my cat Jazmine. So I just went to the York meet, I was nervous at first that the girls would be unfriendly but I shouldn't have worried as they were all very welcoming and very easy to chat to and get on with,  All the girls were so lovely. On the walk to Betty's we were stopped and asked about why were dressed the way we were by lots of older lady's, they said we looked all so pretty, we met some very sweet people. We went to Betty's tea room (the little one)  for tea an…