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Kawaii.I Update show, Around the world

Kawaii.I Update Show Last year I was on a episode of Kawaii International with some friends that also like Japanese fashion, We all like Lolita, We enjoy going for tea and cake, then chatting about new clothing we have, things we have seen online, in magazines and other places. We were on ep #24, a part of the ep called  ''around the world'' the show likes to visit different country's.  this ep was all about having having body confidence in wearing clothing that you want to wear, from Lolita to girly fashion. Was nice to see them do a update on past episodes, My friend Lou was back on, talking about the clothing libel that she is setting up, She has always loved making her own clothing and putting her own unique stamp to clothing - I wish her all the luck in the world! Here is a link to her blog Elley xx