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Teesside Unleashed Six Comic Con

Teesside Unleashed Today I went to a con in Teesside with my boyfriend, the con was just a small event in a hotel,  there were only 500 tickets to hand out, but was still very busy! full of cosplayers in amazing costumes, from Star Wars to Skyrim (Game) The con had lots of stalls that were selling old games from the 90s,  Brought memories back of when I was a kid and used to play Sonic. as well as vintage games, toys, pictures and lots more cool things  I took pictures...

I went in Lolita, My Rose dress, blouse and shoes are from Bodyline, Tights are from Primark, headband from Asos.
I sew Virginia Hey again, She had remembered me from the Newcastle Con 2years ago, She was lovely and happy to chat as always, We had a nice catch-up about how we both have been. she had some of the soap she makes to sell, I bought Pam Rose from Star Wars was also there, Only had a little chat with her,  she was very easy to talk to,  As well as Brian Wheeler, He was very easy going and happy to chat about his ti…