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Happy Xmas All!

HappyXmas All Hi all, Sorry not been on my blog much over the past weeks, I have been busy with college - I'm doing a fashion course, The course is for beginners in sewing,  patterns and a little bit of design, I'm enjoying it a lot, but there has been a lot of work to do! By the end of the course, I should of made a skirt! I'm hoping to do a degree in the up coming year, I have realised how much passion I have for art and fashion, I would love my own line of clothing and shoes one day, I know how much work goes into designing and making clothing, Its not as easy as people think. I have also been busy with work, that is going well. Trying to think what else I have been up too... Went out last week with one of my best friends - Was his birthday, We went to a rock night called Grindhouse, its a good night, they play a lot of Rammstein, ACDC and other old music, A lot of my friends go, its only on one night a month. I also went to see the new Star Wars film, I'm not going say wh…